Prompt 1069. “You mean you’re not a quirky, slightly inept boy who’s here solely to romance me and assist in my personal growth?”

"No" he said looking at her like it should be obvious.

"The gay best friend I go shopping with all the time?" She asked wondering who this boy’s part was?

"Nope" he smirked

"The over protective older brother?" She said exasperated.

"Think again" he snarked.

"The bad boy I turn good?" She was sure that was it.

He shook his head side to side.

"The boy I date who dumps me at the beginning?" She sighed.


"The best friend I over look till the end of the book?" She didn’t think that was it, but she was getting desperate.

He looked at her blankly.

"The school bully who picks on me?"

No reaction.

"The boy who keeps asking me out that I don’t like?"

"No." Of course not.

"Who are you?! What’s your part!?"

"I am The Fire, of course."

Everything went black.